This series of short articles goes over the "health elements" relating to the macroscopic international market, the tiny regional market, and those things that straight and indirectly impact the formerly pointed out health aspects. Paradoxically, we reside in a time where those health elements are ending up being a growing number of "holographic" in nature; as the regional market (because of the web) is changing into the international market. Ultimately, (unless hindered by harmful ecological modification) the microcosm and the macrocosm will be one and the same. The regional market and the worldwide market will be equivalent.

The significant driver for this transformation is exactly what I describe as the "Triple an Aspect." The Triple an Element includes the terms "Attention, Ease of access and Schedule". As these aspects, jointly and all at once boost, the conditions for the microcosm to turn into the macrocosm enters being. In this short article, I will quickly go over each element and how it impacts the market (either tiny or microscopic).

Attention - In any market, it is necessary that product/service companies catch the attention of its target group to whom it wishes to offer its product/service. With the development of the web and the perpetuation of Web 2.0 innovation (social networking) the capability to catch the attention of a target market has increased significantly in contrast to the formerly dominant marketing tools (radio, TV and printed media). There is an even increased capability to do this as our customers end up being more "mobile" and the "mobile phone" (which integrates social networks through apps) ends up being more readily offered for the large bulk of the population. The "market" has identified this attention-getting phenomenon as "viral marketing".

Ease of access - In previous times it was a considerable obstacle for a customer to obtain the very best item, at the very best rate and with the preferable service that she/he anticipates for their cash. Generally, you needed to opt for exactly what was available to you; and this usually indicated within a specific square mile radius to where you lived and worked. Mail order business broadened the chances to reach even more out; however normally might just concentrate on high-end products (fashion jewelry, electronic devices, style, etc.). With the introduction of the web, the environment entered being that enabled satisfaction of products/services considered as needs by customers with practically no limits or limitations concerning distance. This environment has not been totally cultivated to being cost efficient in all locations and all markets, it is intuitively apparent to even the most casual observer that the regional market is ending up being more and more borderless in terms of gain access to.

Schedule - This element is more connected to the characteristics surrounding "Ease of access" than "Attention"; although it is carefully related to each. The most considerable element of this element that I wish to mention is that the difficulties dealt with in the past for the satisfaction of products/services that were beyond conventional borders were the wait times connected with theacquisition. Numerous business might meet customers requires; nevertheless, the shipment times were outrageous compared with exactly what we experience today. The increased ease of access and the capability to make marketing and promos "viral" have produced the expense reason for bigger stocks, leveraged circulation arrangements, and greater service levels. The best advantage of this element to customers is that if one product/service supplier is "out of stock" or over designated for a specific product/service it is much easier than ever to discover that same product/service at another supplier, and in many cases not compromise your service expectations.

When small companies can comprehend (in detail) all the characteristics of these 3 elements and use that details to apply to their own operations (in regards to both procurement and satisfaction), they will be much better able to endure in the brand-new worldwide linked economy.



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